The Town Board of the Town of Washington, in conjunction with the Town Planning Board, is pleased to announce that the following individuals have been appointed to the Comprehensive Master Plan Review Committee.

Committee Members:

  • Robert Audia – Town Board Liason
  • Jeremy (Jerry) Baker – Member
  • Jesse Bontecou – Member
  • Kate Farrell – Member
  • Maureen King – Member
  • Joshua Mackey – Member
  • Tim Marshall – Member
  • Karen Mosca – Member
  • David Strayer – Member

As the Committee begins its review process of the Plan that was adopted in 1987 and amended in 1989 the Town Board believes that they will determine:

  • If any items in the existing Plan need clarification
  • If the goals are still those of the community
  • If the Plan should set new goals
  • If there are areas in the existing Plan that need to be implemented
  • If there are items of concern that the community feels strongly about that need to be added

We invite all residents to keep informed and involved as we move forward with the review of the Comprehensive Master Plan. Our goal is to have up to date information on the Town website. (www.washingtonny.org) All meetings of the Committee will be open and announced to the public. The Committee meetings will be conducted as workshop meetings where public participation and comment may be limited. Residents will be able to provide input by participating in community round table discussions and public hearings. These meetings will also be announced. All property owners and residents will have the opportunity to be involved in the process through a community survey. The Town Board expects that the Committee will be reaching out to our residents that may have specific areas of expertise or interest to participate in sub groups targeted to review matters of particular concern.

The Committee will be using all appropriate resources available to them. These resources may include but are not limited to Community input, DC Planning and Development, Pace Land Use Center or professional planners.

At the end stages, the Committee will compile a draft Comprehensive Master Plan, which will be based upon the input of the community at large. The document will be accompanied by justification for all recommendations. The draft will be reviewed by the Town Board and with their approval will be presented to the community. The community will be able to comment on the proposed document at Public Hearings.

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